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This is war!

Episode 9 sets the stage for an epic showdown between the nation of Tempest and the kingdom of Falmuth. But before that, our dear slime has a confession to make.

In a sweet and heartwarming moment, Rimuru has finally revealed to everyone about his real identity as a former human who was reincarnated in his current form. His past has affected his first rule of bringing no harm to the humans, which then resulted in their current predicament. Thus, his guilt is very much justified.

However, everyone has their own regrets in their hearts. After all, the monsters have relied too much on Rimuru, and when he was not around to lead them, everything just crumbles even though most of them are leaders of their respective group. This shows just how much they don’t want their leader to shoulder the burden alone, even going as far as to blame themselves.

But this has strengthened everyone’s bonds even more, and when everything is settled, Rimuru finally lays out his plans of a counterattack. Naturally, his subordinates protested when he plans to take the brunt of the attack alone, but this doesn’t everyone will be left out as they all have a role to fulfill.

In the end, we can see the undying loyalty the monsters have for Rimuru, even pledging their allegiance whether he was once a human or would become a demon lord. And with all his friends and allies supporting him, our favorite slime is all set to fulfill his goal and avenge his fallen comrades.

Episode score: 8/10.

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