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It’s a date!

Episode 9 brings focus to Minori’s growing feelings for Shiroe, though it may or may not be a simple crush born out of her gratitude for being saved, and her admiration for Shiroie’s skills in managing a party. Still, the shopping spree could be indeed considered a date, and here we see more of Shiroe’s kind and caring attitude toward beginners, while we receive further insight on Minori’s perspective of our strategist.

But it seems Rudy is concerned about the entire situation, especially with Isuzu orchestrating the date itself and urging Minori to pursue Shiroe. At this point, it is not yet clear why he is against Isuzu’s meddling, though it is obvious that he is bothered by it.

What makes this an interesting episode is how there is no bad blood between Minori and Akatsuki, who also have feelings for the Villain-in-Glasses. This is no rivalry between two girls vying for the same guy; rather, they both acknowledge each other and simply wants to improve, all for the sake of helping their guild leader.

In another part of the city, Raynesha and the others plan to bring Krusty back. But the more they think of the situation, the more they realize that Krusty may not need a rescue despite Raynesha’s worry. Still, the head of D.D.D. needs to return in Akiba, especially with the threat of Ereinus fast approaching.

Meanwhile, the junior Log Horizon members endure a hilarious training day with Tetora and Naotsugu as teachers. However, with Minori absent and the two ancients living up to their uselessness, it is obvious that the squad can’t function as a whole without a leader.

Overall, episode 9 is a light-hearted and fun episode that strengthens the bonds between several key characters. But now that the attack has began and the adults are nowhere in sight, it is up to Minori to lead the rest of the guild. And hopefully defeats Ereinus.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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