Unlike my review policy for books, my policy for anime reviews is different. This is a voluntary work; no one requests this from me, and I don’t make money from doing this. I only want to share my own opinion to fellow anime fans so that they will have an idea on what to expect from a series.


My reviews are always honest, and if needed, brutal. It may come off as harsh to some, but that’s just how I am. I have two separate review principles,and both apply to ongoing and finished shows: one for anime adaptations with light novels as its source, and another for original series.


For anime adaptations, I tend to use their source as a basis. As such, reviews for those will always contain heavy spoilers. Unlike others, I always believe that if an adaptation could not perfectly emulate its source, then it should be just as good or better even if there are changes.


With that said, I am less biased when it comes to an original series since there is nothing to compare it to. Therefore, I will simply review it much like how I review books. I will tell in my posts what I like, what I dislike, what could have been better, and what is my overall opinion.


Due to these principles, I have devised my personal rating system which you can find below. It is based on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a perfect score.


1-2 = A waste of time and bandwidth


3-4 = Bad, though not without some redeeming qualities


5-6 = Average. It’s good if you have nothing else to do


7-8 = An excellent watch that is worth recommending


9-10 Probably one of the best I’ve seen in a long while. A real anime of the season that you must definitely watch


My reviews might be different than others, but that’s okay with me. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. All I want is to share mine to help others decide if they want to watch a particular series or not.