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Emotions abound in this heart-wrenching episode!

Episode 13 shows us the pain and guilt surrounding each of the cast. This is particularly evident in Nicolo’s case when he learns about Gabi killing Sasha, resulting in a heartbreaking and dramatic scene with the young Warrior candidates and Braus family.

But in a strange twist of events, Sasha’s father forgives Gabi, placing all the blame on a cruel world where it is kill or be killed, and emphasizing that children should not have to bear the sins of the adults. It is no surprise that Sasha is a kind person herself, raised by a loving family with moral values.

However, the same could not be said of Kaya. And much like Gabi, the poor girl almost kills Gabi in a fit of rage after learning that she killed Sasha. But unlike Nicolo who sees the wisdom in Mr. Braus’s words, Kaya’s heart is filled with hatred, and it is only thanks to Mikasa’s intervention that Gabi has survived.

The most interesting part about this whole incident is how Gabi truly cares for Falco, to the point that she begs to everyone not to kill her friend and takes her life instead. Of course, none of the Survey Corps, particularly Armin and Mikasa, want to shed the blood of a child, even if it is a warrior candidate. Too much death has happened, after all.

Another thing worthy of note here is how Nicolo has truly change from a loyal Marleyan who views Eldians as devils to a heartbroken individual who sees them as friends—evident when he protected Jean and Connie from drinking the wine containing Zeke’s spinal fluid—and may have in fact fallen in love with Sasha. And this is probably one of the best character development in the series so far, and shows that a person could truly change if pushed in the right direction.

Meanwhile, the burden grows heavier on Levi’s shoulders after realizing that all they did for Eren, and all the friends he has lost while protecting him, has led to their current situation. For the first time, we see a weary and tired Levi Ackerman, and it is evident that even he is slowly crumbling from the inside bit by bit. Fortunately, Zeke is there to act as his emotional punching bag, and their banter is every bit as amusing as it sounds.

Of course, things take another turn for the worse when Eren and the Yeagerist crash uninvited into Nicolo’s restaurant. But while everyone is taken hostage, Eren reunites with Armin and Mikasa for a talk. Just what is he planning this time?

Overall, episode 13 packs a lot of emotional and gripping scenes, showing that and everyone is just a human deep inside. The character development is slowly paying off as well, and the last three episodes of the season should prove interesting.

Episode score: 9/10.

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