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The plot thickens!

Episode 4 sets up a crisis that would surely change everything in the Jura Tempest Federation as Rimuru begins to attract the attention of enemies. With Myulan finally inside the nation of monsters, every information about their inner workings is at her disposal, and it is clear that to her, they are indeed a threat with their military and technological prowess.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Falmuth is scheming as well. With Jura growing to become a hub in trading and commerce, Falmuth is starting to lose income. Thus, their planned aggression is justifiable enough, and we see just how far they would go as they plot to use their elite unit, the Otherworlders, to cause damage in an act of preemptive strike. Incidentally, these Otherworlders are apparently from Earth as well, and their behaviors are violent and cold.

Thankfully, not all is dark and foreboding in this episode. Rimuru spends one last time with his students to celebrate their passing of the exam. And as we would expect, he gifted them with mangas to read. In Jura, Gobta and the gang tries to trick Hakurou using Myulan’s exoertise in magic, only to be hilariously beaten once more. But of course, these light-hearted scenes are just the calm before the storm, evident when Milim finally appears in a foreboding ending scene.

Overall, episode 4 builds up a terrible crisis that will soon befall Rimuru and his friends. The serious tone present perfectly balances the comedic side, creating anticipation for a great shift in the plot.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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