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And so the month of love arrives!

There are quite a few interesting things I have to say. First, I’ve finally started writing the outline for book 2 of Celestial Chronicles! And this time, things are starting to flow smoothly. I know where I want the story to head, which characters to introduce at which point in the plot, and all the various places I will feature in the book. There is no title as of yet, but that should come easily once I finish the first draft.

Second, I’ve devised a cool way of creating backstories for my series. I used to spend time staring at a blank my ipad screen thinking over how to create a detailed outline for a specific character/object/place. Then I realized: why do I have to? Wiki pages don’t contain all the details, but they have enough information to make you understand everything you need to know. Which is exactly what I need as a worldbuilder.

So that’s the answer. Write it like a wiki page. And so far, I’m really liking the results. The ideas come easier, and in fact, I have already completed the backstory of a major side character who will appear in book 2.

Lastly, I’m almost done with Witcher 3. Love the game, and at 80 hours in, I can tell that this is probably the best RPG I’ve played.

Another month has ended, another has come. It seems really weird that the pandemic is already one year. But thankfully, with the vaccines finally rolling out, things will hopefully start to get better.

Keep safe!

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