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The race is on!

Episode 4 sees our two opposing candidates vying for the leadership of Akiba. But while Eins is already determined to lead and has the support of the Saiguu family, Raynesha still has two opponents to face: her mother and grandfather.

The meeting between the Cowen family is what everyone would expect; while Sejirad remains an observer, Raynesha’s mother vehemently opposes her daughter’s decision. After all, while Theldesia is like a game, the society still functions like a typical medieval European world. Thus, women of high birth are generally not favored to be leaders and are instead kept within castle walls. Furthermore, it is clear that Raynesha’s mother is far intelligent than her daughter, and she knows that with Raynesha’s laidback attitude, she would not last much as a leader.

However, this is the point where we finally see Raynesha openly defying the shackles that society has placed on her, and thanks to her friends, she takes matter into her own hands, surprising her mother and grandfather with her resolve. Her growth as an independent girl takes shape, and she becomes far more interesting now.

With that obstacle out of the way, the rest of the episode spends the time on the campaign itself. And the scenes are both funny and troubling; while Eins looks like he has the major support of the Landers and his guild, Raynesha’s decline of her marriage tarnishes her reputation, making her less likely to win. It doesn’t help that her allies are not exactly good at promotions, evident when Minori creates a poster that looks more like a parody of Raynesha, and when Akatsuki terrorizes sleeping Landers with soft whispers of Raynesha’s name.

But despite that, the Villain-in-Glasses moves from the shadows. And we might just have another mind-blowing turn of events. Overall, episode 4 focus on Raynesha’s struggles to be chosen by the very people she loves, and it should be interesting how Shiroe’s schemes would tip the odds in the princess’s favor.

Episode score: 8/10.

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