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The Walpurgis officially begins!

Episode 22 is exciting and action-packed from start to finish. We finally get to see Rimuru interacting with the other Demon Lords, and as expected, things turned violent real quick.

Obviously, this is all Clayman’s fault, and we can say that Rimuru is the victim here, as is the real case. Clayman’s narration of his version of the story is pathetic, and even the Demon Lords look like they didn’t believe it, either. Thankfully, Rimuru uses his magic to give further proof of his innocence, further invalidating Clayman’s accusations.

The fun part here is how Rimuru is calm and composed while Clayman grows desperate and starts to panic, showing just how Rimuru is leagues above the Demon Lord. Of course, Clayman reverts to his confident self once our favorite slime challenged him to a fight—after all, he has Milim under his control—only to be humiliated by Shion when she pummels him.

The fact that Rimuru’s secretary could do this to Clayman speaks much about the growth in ower Shion has received, though it is not enough to fully bring down Clayman, which is to be expected. Nevertheless, the fight is on as Clayman sends his magical beasts to fight Ranga and his shadow wolves.

Meanwhile, Rimuru takes on Milim, and it is very obvious that he is still no match for her despite being a Demon Lord. While his speed allows him to avoid her attacks, she is just too fast that she managed to injure him somewhat, and only his fast reflexes saved him. Thankfully, Beretta joins the battle after getting request from both Ramiris and Guy.

There are several interesting things to note in this fight. First, it seems that Beretta is indeed a greater demon who is from a powerful lineage. And while Ramiris is his master, his loyalty is still in Rimuru. However, this does creates a problem for Guy, so a compromise is made: in exchange for fully serving Ramiris, Beretta would be allowed to assist Rimuru in his battle against Milim. Furthermore, there is a subtle hint as to who Diablo really is, which is intriguing.

Second, Milim might not actually be as brainwashed as she appears to be. Some clues point out to this, particularly Raphael’s Appraisal reporting that there is no curse magic in her, much to Rimuru’s annoyance and confusion. But perhaps the biggest hint is the fact that she actually smiled during the fight, which should be impossible for someone who is mind controlled.

Nevertheless, the fight continues. And just when Milim appears to unleash a powerful attack, Veldora arrives to absorb the blow in a surprising and comical scene.

Overall, episode 22 finally pays off the build up from the previous episodes in a satisfying way. The fight scenes are excellent, and the setup to a fun twist is exciting.

Episode score: 9/10.

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