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The Monolith Code event is here!

Episode 11 once again crosses with the plot points from the main series. But this time, we get to see a different perspective on the events transpiring behind the scenes.

First, the girls are once again involved in helping Tatsuya prevent any more sabotages from happening. And it is not just Miyuki, Honoka, Shizuku, and Eimi this time. (In fact, Miyuki was roped in last by everyone.) But the entire Women Team for the Rookie Events are part of this secret operation. This is their way of showing gratitude for Tatsuya’s contribution, something that the main series didn’t show.

As the operation commences, Honoka proved invaluable once again thanks to her affinity with Light. Because of her ability, they discover that the leylines are being tampered with using water spirits, giving Misaki an advantage as his spells utilize water to create explosions. With this, Miyuki uses her powers to freeze these leylines, securing all venues for the Monolith Code finals. It is quite weird though that the committee overseeing the NSC didn’t notice the tampering, which further explains how the sabotages remained undetected.

An interesting part here is how the Third High Trio actually joined forces with the girls from First High. As expected, No-Head Dragon would do everything to ensure that their plans succeed, even going as far as to use assassins to eliminate anyone who might discover the sabotage. Thankfully, Airi and her friends’ arrive with Shizuku to help Miyuki and the others, and it is fun to get a glimpse of the Lightning Éclair’s fighting prowess.

In the end, we see a brief montage of Tatsuya’s battle with Misaki which, while a little compared to the original because of its length, is still fun to see in a nostalgic way, especially with the animation. And the final shot of Miyuki’s expression further emphasizes her love for Tatsuya.

Overall, episode 11 is a fun take on the Monolith Code event. The additional scenes give further insight into the characters helping Tatsuya, and seeing the Third High girls teaming up with Miyuki and her friends is icing on he cake. But next episode, we are in for another treat as Miyuki and Airi finally face off in the Mirage Bat.

Episode score: 8/10.

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