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It’s Miyuki vs Shizuku this time!

Episode 10 expands upon the battle between the top scorers of First High, giving us more detail as to what really transpired. And as it turns out, Tatsuya is heavily involved in the events that led to this fight.

Even before the NSC started, Shizuku is already determined to fight Miyuki. But this is not a decision born out of envy or jealousy. Rather, as Tatsuya has said, it is part of every magician’s instinct to test their power against one another. Thus, Miyuki accepting the challenge is only natural.

Naturally, Tatsuya would help both Shizuku and Miyuki, lending his technical skills and creating only the best CADs suited for the two. But what is a little shocking is that Tatsuya trained Shizuku to use an advanced spell, Phonon Maser, as well as wield two CADs at once just to give her the edge she will need to evenly fight with Miyuki.

The actual battle, then, is spectacular. Unlike the original version where it is short and one-sided, the reworked version in this spin-off lasted longer. Shizuku’s skills are emphasized, even catching the attention of Third High, and it felt as if she and Miyuki are actually equals in prowess.

Unfortunately, the end remains the same, and we are once again reminded of Miyuki’s power when she casts Niflheim. But we can say that Shizuku did gave her a hard time for her to use that spell, reserved only for when the opponent is really strong. Interestingly, it is also Tatsuya who told her that going all-out is the only way she can win against Shizuku.

Miyuki’s victory sees Shizuku in a depressed state much like the original, and as expected, it is Honoka who provides emotional support. The scene itself has been reworked, further emphasizing Shizuku’s depression. However, this only lasts for a moment, and it is clear that she bears no ill will against Miyuki despite everything that has happened.

With that, First High continues its winning streak in the Mirage Bat. However, tragedy strikes in the Men’s Monolith Code as an accident cripples Morisaki and his team.

Overall, Episode 10 expands upon a lot of events in the main series. It is more detailed, and we learn more about each character’s motivations behind their actions.

Episode score: 8.5/10.

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