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This episode is almost a page-by-page adaptation of 50-60 pages from the light novel, and I really have nothing bad to say about this one. Only one scene was skipped, which is pretty minor in itself. The animation has improved even more, and the music simply enhanced the fight scenes.

The skipped scene mentioned above is more of an epilogue to the fight in the village. In that scene, Alice visited the cave near the village and discovered that the goblins have been digging there for a long time. She collapsed and sealed it with ice, then returned to the village one last time to see Selka.

The ending song is simply beautiful, sung by the talented LiSA this time. It is both haunting and meaningful, portraying Alice’s feelings and thoughts in this arc. This is probably the best ending song for the series, second only to the mournful Shirushi.

Overall, this episode is a solid 8/10.

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