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Once again, the superb quality of the animation combined with excellently choreographed fight scenes make this a feast for the eyes. Though short, the battle against Gilgamesh, and later Ishtar, are the highlights of the first ten minutes. Everything just flowed smoothly. And unlike the battles in other Fate series, these fights actually has strategy in them instead of merely an all-out physical brawl.

But perhaps the main selling points of this episode are the character interactions. The lighthearted scenes with the other Servants, plus the focus on “Ana”, lent a pretty good warm atmosphere to this episode. Which is, of course, the calm before the three storms.

As always, the voice acting is marvelous and adds to the beauty of this episode. One thing I found off is some minor dialogues they skipped which should have been included during the Ishtar fight. These lines contain some world building, especially about Ishtar’s powers.

Overall, a 9/10 for me.

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