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The first 5 to 8 minutes of this episode is an anime original content, with the exception of the scene with the First Hassan. These original scenes are not even in the game, and they give us more backstory of what happened in the previous Singularities, given that they adapted the Babylonia chapter, which is the seventh Singularity.

Ritsuka’s characterization here is good. Obviously, the MC in the game is us, the players, so “he” often comes off as a cardboard cut out despite those options we were given during certain parts in every conversation. But in this episode, and in fact ever since the first Fate/Grand Order movie, Ritsuka is given more personality and character, something that is essential in adapting the entire storyline. Moreover, his relationship with Mash is spot on and to the point.

As always the pacing is excellent. The fight scene with Jaguarman, though short, is still as awesome and heart-pounding as the previous fight scenes. Animation and voice-acting are consistent as ever, though I expect these to be enhanced as the story progresses to the good parts and epic scenes.

Overall, a 9/10 for me.

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