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This episode is almost a page-by-page adaptation of the light novels, and there is really nothing much to say here except the animation quality is consistent, and that at least two scenes are rearranged to fit here.

The first scene is right at the beginning of this episode. Here, Gabriel logs out of Gun Gale Online before meeting with the NSA. In the novel, he was dreaming about his battle with Shino, which was changed to be her dream instead near the end of the episode.

The second scene is part of the meeting with Yui and the others. In the novel, that was supposed to be right at the end of volume 16, which should coincide with this cour’s episode 12 if they followed the sequence of events on point. I believe they did this so as to tease the audience of what is to come, and personally, that is a nice alteration.

Overall, this episode is an 8.5/10.

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