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This episode is beautiful yet heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching, and emotional to the end!

Once again, some of the scenes are anime-original. And once again, the director made each one with utmost care to the characters and their characterizations. Here we see Gilgamesh actually interacting with the common people, and they all give him the respect he deserves. The scene with the children, especially, is simply heartwarming and showed a side of the king that was not present in most Fate anime adaptations so far. Mash and Fujimaru telling their journeys to Gilgamesh, and every interaction with him, is simply funny and adorable.

The beach scene with Fujimaru and Mash added more flavor to their characters much like the previous episode, and the conversation with Francis Drake is just icing on the cake. Here we see more of Mash’s insecurities about herself, and Fujimaru’s support and affection for her.

But there is always one highlight that makes each episode of this series stand out, and in this one, it is the first confrontation between Enkidu and Gilgamesh. The whole fight scene, probably the longest so far if the one with Mash is included, is both beautiful and epic. I am literally cheering for the king and held my breath many times during the battle, particularly when Mash faced Enkidu at the beginning.

This is undoubtedly the best fight yet. But I know this was merely a taste for when the other fight scenes are finally animated.

Overall, a perfect 10/10!


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