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This is it, folks! The season finale we’ve all been waiting for!

Episode 24 is a satisfying conclusion to the this series’s first season. It finally answers some of the biggest questions put forth, though not all of them, and lays out the groundwork for new plot threads. Of course, the POVs are balanced once again, showing both Shun’s and Kumoko’s.

In the previous episode, Sophia and Wrath are seemingly in trouble after the elves unleashed their secret weapons: an army of mechs. But just as expected, the two reincarnators were never really in danger, and they showed just how powerful they can be, leading to the slaughter of elves.

Obviously, Shun wouldn’t back down so easily, and we see him fighting against an opponent he could never win—this time against his former best friend, Kyouya. And the power gap between these two is simply massive; Shun’s attacks barely affected Kyouya, and it is clear that the Oni is the better swordsman.

Thus, it is no surprise that Anna, who has sworn to protect Shun, would lay down her life and take the blow meant for the fledgling Hero. The situation pretty much emphasizes the fact that Shun is still inexperienced and weak, which is both sad and frustrating at the same time. But even so, he is not exactly useless either as his Mercy skill activates once more, fully reviving Anna.

And with that comes the maximum level of Taboo, much like what our favorite spider experienced, giving Shun the real truth of the world. Just how this information would affect his already unstable mind still remains to be seen, though it is obvious that he is already shocked by what he had learned.

Perhaps one of the main highlights of Shun’s POV, however, is not the fight itself. Rather, it is the arrival of the enigmatic White, and the revelation that she is none other than Wakaba Hiro, or as we know her now, Kumoko herself.

Meanwhile in the past, we continue seeing Kumoko’s fight against Ariel’s Abyss Magic. And as expected, our cute little spider survives, again, in a clever way that makes her nearly unkillable. Obviously, another evolution is her reward. And this time, it is definitely her best form yet.

An Arachne.

What else can we say? Kumoko is not just stronger, but terrifyingly gorgeous in her new evolution. Her human body is one we’ve seen before as she is indeed the same White in Shun’s POV, while her spider body is just a giant version of her previous appearance.

Unfortunately, Kumoko’s strength would be put to the test as Potimas and the elves begin another attempt to kidnap Sophia, leading to the death of her parents. It is worth noting, though, that while she is still an infant, Sophia can turn people into vampires. And this becomes evident when she turns Merazophis in order to save his life and grant him the ability to keep fighting long enough for Kumoko to arrive.

Thus, the main event finally begins as Kumoko faces off against Potimas for the very first time. And there are several shocking revelations here. First, Potimas is one of the reasons why the world is heading in its destruction. Technically, this is no longer a surprise since the series gives us various hints that the chief of the elves is definitely an antagonist, especially with his cold and ruthless demeanor.

But the biggest twist here, however, is the fact that Potimas is using an android body, which highly contrasts with the fantastic setting of the story. Then again, we already saw the elves utilizing mechs, so this should no longer be a surprise.

In any case, Potimas prove a difficult opponent. And although Kumoko is already boosted by her Arachne form, she still found herself outclassed by the elf. One funny thing to note in this battle is the very Kumoko way that our dear spider acts, even if she already has the form of a beautiful girl. Her antics and mannerisms in battle remain practically the same, and seeing them done by her Arachne form makes her all the more endearing.

Ariel’s arrival only serves to increase the cuteness in this life and death struggle as the demon lord finally succumbs to Body Brain’s influence, fully merging with her to the point that she acts like Kumoko, albeit with a little more seriousness. She definitely steals the spotlight at this moment, and even defeats Potimas’s fake body.

And with that comes the end of a great rivalry as Kumoko and Ariel forms an alliance to save the world, taking in Sophia and Mera as well. The ending scene pretty much wraps up all the burning questions about Kumoko’s relationship with Ariel, and sets the stage for another adventure.

Overall, episode 24 is a fun and engaging season finale. There are a host of new questions, particularly about Wakaba and her adventures for the last 15 years. But one thing’s for sure: this is just the beginning.

Episode score: 9/10.

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