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The final battle commences!

The finale of Seven Knights Revolution is an emotional and action-packed episode throughout its runtime. With Nemo’s revival comes a renewed hope for the world, and the start of Physis’s downfall.

Obviously, Sophitia would not die so easily and uses all her power to absorb the Book of Time and its power of destruction, transforming into a monstrous entity that begins the end of the world. Fortunately, the Seven Knights, the students of Granseed, and even Reda and a repentant Gareth, are united against a common enemy.

As always, it is still up to Nemo and Faria to stop Sophitia. And we see another great battle as the two heroes force the leader of Physis into the defense. Interestingly enough is Sophitia’s revelation that she was in love with Genius, and her own twisted view of humanity as inherently evil to the core, giving her the motivation to destroy everything as a form of saving everyone.

But despite the combined power of Nemo and Faria, Sophitia just wouldn’t go down easily. Thus, with Nemo’s own strength, and what remains of Genius’s power, the two fused in a form never seen before: a fusion of monster and hero.

The sad part about this is Nemo’s guilt over the death of the original, who was already dying before saving the monster that we’ve come to know. Nemo couldn’t really find peace anymore, and all he has is to fulfill that boy’s wish for him, a monster who should be killed, to live freely.

It is no surprise then that he lets all his rage fuel him, and a slugfest ensues between him and Sophitia. But unlike before, this fight is all about raw strength and pure power. Both are already weakened, but thanks to Genius sacrificing the rest of his spirit, Nemo finally ends Sophitia once and for all.

And so the world is saved, but there are still a lot of things to unpack. Ellen is a vampire now after being turned by Shirley, and we can expect some lovey-dovey time between these two. Meanwhile, Gareth has survived and is back with his friends. Perhaps the biggest shock of all is the newest member of the Seven Knights: Reda herself, complete with a cute student outfit.

As for the Book of Time, the seal still remains. Fortunately, Nemo, now just a regular human, travels to find another way to destroy it. And what better way to spend the journey than with Faria?

Overall, the finale is everything we’ve expected, and more. All the biggest questions have been answered, and everyone has find happiness. But the fight is not over as threats still remain. Fortunately, the Seven Knights will always be there to save the world.

Episode score: 9/10.

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