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The second cour is here! And with it, the return of Rimuru and the gang!

Episodes 14 to 15 picks off where the last cour left off, as well as shows the results of Rimuru’s ascension as a demon lord. There are new characters and revelations, particularly regarding the attack on Tempest. The opening also features a very badass Rimuru, as well as giving us hints on what to expect in this cour without being too spoilery.

Veldora is finally released and has attained a human form. And as expected, he is a scene-stealer. The Storm Dragon is funny, wacky, and a very interesting to watch, especially his interactions with Rimuru and the rest of the cast.

Meanwhile, it seems Shion’s death has given her a unique skill, Master Chef, which allows her to cook really delicious food. This is obviously just for pure comic relief, and it is really funny to see Rimuru and Benimaru enjoying the food despite the fact that it still looks awful.

And so life continues for the nation of monsters, except it is a quite different life now that Rimuru is a demon lord and Veldora is back. The Jura Forest Federation has just become much stronger, and it would not be long before the other kingdoms take notice. As such, alliances have to be made.

This is natural, and obviously, it is King Gazel who pledges his assistance first, followed by Elalude of Thalion/Sarion, Eren’s father, as well as the kingdom of Blumund. With three nations backing him, Rimuru’s strength is relatively secured to strike back against Clayman and retake Eurazania for Carillon.

But the thIng that worries Rimuru most is how Hinata could have known that he killed Shizu considering that not a lot of people know about this… except for Yuuki. The fact that Laplace works for Yuuki to infiltrate and spy on the Western Holy Church only serves to prove Rimuru’s suspicions, and the biggest question now is why Yuuki is doing this.

An interesting to note here is that when the subject of taking down Hinata was brought forth, Shion presents herself to take care of the knight, only for Diablo to comment that Shion is not strong enough. Of course, we’ve already seen what Shion is capable of. But for Diable to dismiss her speaks much about how confident he is of his powers. And from what was revealed in an extra episode during last season, it is clear that Diablo is not mincing his words, and is in fact extremely capable.

Overall, episodes 14 and 15 sets up various plot threads that will play out in this cour. There is no major fight scenes yet, but this is just the beginning of another epic arc that will surely satisfy us.

Episode scores: 7.5/10 and 8/10.

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