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It’s the rise of a “new” religion!

Unlike the previous episode, episode 18 focus on three POVs at once: Kumoko, Shun, and surprisingly, Sophia. And while there is little to no fight scene, there are quite a few interesting information and tidbits about the story that were presented here.

First, Sophia’s infancy is just as intriguing as her current situation. Unlike many of the reincarnators, she was born with her previous memory and mind fully formed, allowing her to understand her situation as if she was already an adult. Despite the brief focus on her, we have another glimpse of her personality as well, and it is every bit as interesting as it is in her adult state.

Meanwhile, things are heating up all over the continent. It seems that Potimas was aware of the reincarnators even before Shun’s timeline, and is in fact working in the shadows secretly. What he wants with Sophia remains unclear at this point(unless you read the source material). But it is obvious that it is dark and sinister.

And while the elves are on the move, various events are taking shape, both in the past and present. Shun’s party has left the Labyrinth at last, rewarding Basgath generously with spoils of their kills. And while Shun has grown attached to Basgath for his help and advices, the old Labyrinth guide’s mission is over. Truth be told, even views might feel sad of their parting, for even though Basgath has appeared for only three episodes, he is an interesting and complex character despite his limited screen time.

Shun’s point of view has given several insights into the various religion of the world, which coincidentally ties into the situation Kumoko has found herself in. It turns out that there are two sects vying for supremacy: the Goddess sect who preaches the elimination of skills to get salvation, and the Word of God who believes that acquiring many skills would earn them favor from their god.

Both of these groups, as well as the elves, have set their sights on Kumoko after, quite comically, she settles in Keren Country and starts to heal the sick in exchange of food. The interesting and funny part about this is how she is practically babysitting an infant Sophia, and how these actions of hers turns the townspeople into a horde of worshippers urged by Sophia’s mother.

Overall, episode 18 is an interesting take on three different point of views. We learn much about events that has happened, and is happening, in the shadows. There may be no notable fight scenes, but the various character interactions prove to be just as good and exciting.

Episode score: 9/10.

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