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It’s a festival!

For the most part, episode 6 is a light-hearted and sweet episode sprinkled with a dash of backstory for several characters, particularly Gareth. And there’s really a lot to take in here.

First, romance is in the air once again, but with a twist. There’s an underlying tone of the philosophy of what real love is, put forth by none other than Nemo himself. What’s interesting here is not just how different everyone’s view of love is, but how casual Nemo wonders about it like it’s some scientific mystery. It perfectly suits his personality, and really brings out his aura of innocence.

Meanwhile, things are getting different for Shirley. Last week’s episode has changed her character for the better, and we see her being more friendly and loosening up—a fact that many noticed. But more than that, it seems that her feelings are somewhat conflicted. While she initially asks Nemo for a dance, implying that she likes him, it turns out that she has real feelings for Ellen, which Nemo finally gets out of Shirley. Incidentally, it was Shirley who convinces Nemo to pick Faria as his dance partner. And it is obvious that everyone is more than happy with this.

Unfortunately, not all things are rainbows and sparkles. Gareth receives his much-needed focus this time, and we learn more about his personality. Like Shirley, he is often stoic, practical, and serious. But unlike Shirley, Gareth is a bit more colder and straight-laced than the rest of the Knights.

While we never got to see his backstory, it is hinted to be just as tragic as Shirley and is heavily tied with his hatred of Physis, making him focus entirely on hunting down the organization. Fortunately, Claire is there to help him investigate the connection between Granseed’s old library and Physis, which hides the secret to Nemo’s predecessor Hero.

Ultimately, though, Claire’s desire to help Gareth would lead to a great tragedy, and it should be interesting how this would affect the elf in the next episode.

Overall, episode 6 is pretty laid back for the first half, giving insight on several characters’ perspectives and views. There is a dark twist at the end, though, one that should prove as a catalyst for several characters.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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