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And so the Spearhead Squadron loses more members.

Episode 6 is yet another sad and bittersweet episode. While it expands and shows more of the squadron’s camaraderie and relationship, it doesn’t shy away from giving the audiences a twist in the heartstrings.

For one, Daiya and Lecca finally bit the the dust. And while we barely got to know either of them, the gruesome ways they died are both spine-chilling and heart-wrenching. This is particularly true for Daiya, who had harbored feelings for Anju. And just as expected, the Snow Witch is heavily affected by his death, especially after their sweet and cute interaction four months before the start of the story.

Meanwhile, we get to see more of Shin’s backstory, which is proving to have more mysteries than what is being shown. This is evident when Shin reminisces about his brother, and a brief hallucination hinting about Shin’s involvement in their parents’ death. What this incident is remains to be seen, though it is possible that it ties heavily to Shin’s obsession with his brother’s missing head.

As for Lena, she continues to give more of her support her squadron, especially in terms of offensive capabilities. But as expected, her various requests to make the 86’s lives a little easier are denied. This is partly due to the Republic’s strained resources, and mostly due to their inherent disregard for the 86. Nevertheless, our dear Handler One remains in her resolve to lead her subordinates. Incidentally, Lena reveals more of her developing feelings for Shin, a scene that is both comical and endearing.

Overall, episode 6 is bittersweet with a dash of action scenes. Once again, the pacing is excellent, and the story continues to move forward in interesting and intriguing ways.

Episode score: 8.5/10.

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