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Another season, another new anime to review!

Based on the game developed by Netmarble, Seven Knights Revolution tells the story of a world plagued by evil, and of seven heroes who must save it by utilizing the power of their ancient predecessors.

The plot focuses on Nemo, a young boy who survives the slaughter of his village and ends up studying in the Granseed Academy where all Seven Knights reside. For a lot of viewers, including myself, he may come off as your typical shonen protagonist: young, strong-willed and brave, and weak at first until he is chosen to wield a great power. And to top it off, he is voiced by none other than Daiki Yamashita, most popular for his role as Izuku “Deku” Midoriya.

But while that may be the case, Nemo is an interesting character in his own way. He is humble, friendly, and there is some air of mystery surrounding him. In fact, while he was the main focal point of the story, the plot doesn’t always revolve around him.

Enter the rest of the Seven Knight, who also act as Granseed Academy’s Student Council. All of them have different personalities and traits—with the first three episodes giving focus to one member other than Nemo—which sets them apart in unique ways. But while they are given their respective episodes to shine, most of the focus tend to be centered on Faria, the president and official leader of the Seven Knights.

As a main heroine, Faria is much like Nemo: she is the typical strong and brave girl as opposed to the quiet and humble boy. But that also makes her unique because we don’t often see heroines like her in this kind of story. And unlike most heroines, Faria also acts as a teacher to the inexperienced Nemo.

As far as plot goes, Seven Knights Revolution is a story we’ve seen too many times: a story of a group of heroes trying to save the world from evil. But what sets it a little apart is the way various cliches and tropes are mixed to present them in a relatively fresh way. Combined with a good animation from Liden Films and excellent fight scenes, as well as voice acting, and we have a nice fantasy series to watch this season.

Overall, the anime is off to a great start for a game adaptation, even if you have never played the game like me.

Personal score: 7.5/10.

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