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Yes, I know I’m late. But given my last update was 10 days before April 1, I refrained from posting my usual Author’s Log to give myself time to finish and start a lot of things. 😁

So what’s new this month? Well, A LOT. First, the character and chapter outlines for book 2 of Celestial Chronicles are finally complete! And in fact, I’ve been slowly writing the first draft. Unfortunately, I started several projects this month, so progress will be gradual and sporadic.

What are those projects, you may ask? The truth is, I joined yet another fun writing group, and we have a writing contest for short stories. Some of these will be published as part of an anthology, so I’m doubling as a mentor AND a participant. At the moment, I’m writing two short stories. So I have my hands really full.

Aside from that, I’m thinking of getting back to writing fanfictions. It’s been ages since I last updated any of my stories, and my readers were left hanging because of that. Hopefully, I can post a chapter within the coming weeks.

In other news, my anime review page has passed over 100 likes! So that’s another milestone in my career. 😁

All in all, I’ve got a pretty busy month. More work for me, more fun things to do, and more stories to tell.

Stay safe!

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