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It’s a battle between mother and daughter!

Episode 15 gives us a taste of what Kumoko’s mother can do. Despite the parallel minds’ best efforts, which also gives them a brief spotlight showcasing more of their various quirks, it is clear that Mother is much, much stronger and smarter than they had imagined. This is evident when the parallel minds are cut off from returning to their body even though they have been eating through Mother’s consciousness, which further displays how cunning the Queen Taratect is.

Thus, a battle between two of the strongest spiders in the Labyrinth is inevitable. And as the two clashes, it becomes clear why Taratects are feared. Mother’s size alone makes her movements akin to a natural disaster, a fact that a terrified Kumoko admits, and once again she is forced to flee from an opponent five times stronger than Araba himself.

Our dear little spider then finds herself back to her old hideout. But this time, a trap has has been set up, and it’s another epic battle between Kumoko and her hungry siblings. What’s interesting to note here is the fact that Kumoko has not been pushed to her limits like this since Araba, which makes the battle even more terrifying because it means that most of the other spiders, while weak individually, are strong in tactics and numbers. Of course, they act in a hive mind connected to Mother, so it is quite obvious why they can work together efficiently.

Naturally, Kumoko’s wits and perseverance save her once more from a tough fight, rewarding her with a hefty meal and another evolution. And for sure, she would need every strength she could get in order to defeat Mother once and for all. Meanwhile, Shun and his party has a mission of their own to save the elves—a mission that will take them straight through the Great Elroe Labyrinth where Kumoko might still be residing after fifteen years… or is she?

Overall, episode 15 sets the focus back to our favorite little spider. The fight scenes are excellent as always, and some plot threads have been laid out that will surely make the next episodes interesting.

Episode score: 8/10.

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