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Danger approaches Akiba once again!

Episode 8 brings us an initially light-hearted and character-focused episode, mostly giving attention to the various “ships” in the story. We have a cute moment between Shiroe and Akatsuki where our favorite strategist feels at ease at her presence. Of course, this is after Akatsuki learns that while Kanami is simply an older sister to Shiroe, the Villain-in-Glasses might have really harbored feelings for her at some point. Fortunately, Akatsuki is no longer bothered by the past, choosing to focus on the present.

Meanwhile, Minori is beset by several people to start dating Shiroe, no less strengthened by her desire to help him in any way she can. And while this may seem uncomfortable due to the gap between them, it is nevertheless cute and sweet. After all, Shiroe did save her and Tohya from Hamelin, and Minori’s growing feelings are born out of gratitude and admiration.

But that has to take a backseat for now as two new characters arrive in Akiba: Leila and Sitka Mofur, two infamous twin Ancients who are widely known for their troublemaking shenanigans despite being the founder of the Izumo Knights. But even though they are eccentric and quirky, that doesn’t stop the younger members of Log Horizon from befriending them. And truthfully, they are not as bad as their reputation implies, especially with their shocking news of an impending attack against Akiba.

Overall, episode 8 is a bit of a filler episode, but the majority of it gives some much needed character interactions, especially for Shiroe’s love interests. And with another battle looming ahead, it is only proper that we get some breathing room until another epic showdown ensues!

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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