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The demon lord is on the move!

Episode 9 contains a lot of twists and revelations, some of which are incredibly dark and depressing. First, we have a brief reunion between Julius and his younger siblings, and it is clear from the get-go that this may be the last time they would see each other; after all, Julius and his party would meet with the demon lord, something that is dangerous in itself. Still, Shun remains hopeful about his brother’s return.

Meanwhile, we have something to rejoice about: Kumoko has survived! The fight with dragon may have exhausted most of her moves… except for one secret trump card in the form of a powerful illusion spell. And that alone guarantees her absolute victory, proving once again that our tiny cute spider is not to be trifled with.

Of course, the defeat of a powerful monsters gains the attention of an even more powerful individual. And a Ruler at that. Fortunately, Kumoko doesn’t have to fight an opponent she can’t defeat as the god of the world finally intervenes: the mysterious D.

What’s so curious about this revelation is how D communicated with the Ruler. And that is through a smartphone, complete with language-translation feature, suggesting that this sadistic god may or may not have been once a reincarnated.

Moving on from that revelation, the demon lord finally gets some screentime—in the middle of a war meeting, no less. And we get to see just how dangerous she is, not just because she has ten powerful generals and armies, but also with how she has that commanding presence and power to stop her bickering subordinates with a simple wave of her hands. Moreover, there is another hint that this demon lord somehow knows Shun.

Perhaps the biggest twist about this episode is the ultimate fate of Julius and his entire party, which further emphasizes the threat of the demon lord. The saddest part here is how Shun immediately learns about it, and the anime did an excellent job portraying the shock and slow realization of what the “system announcement” implies.

Overall, episode 9 is a perfect blend of victory and loss, twists and revelations, and providing us with resolution to previous plot threads while opening up more questions.

Episode score: 8.5/10.

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