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Rimuru sinks further into despair, but the light of hope fills a dark tunnel.

Episode 8 continues where the previous one left off, and it is here that we learn more about Clayman’s sinister schemes, and why Myulan’s life is, figuratively and literally, in the demon lord’s hands. It is quite a typical trope, even more so with how Rimuru managed to circumvent the curse, but it just displays how vile the enemy is and how kind Rimuru is to people who forms a bond with his friends; after all, Myulan is also a victim.

Meanwhile, another tragedy has struck. While our dear slime helped Gobta and Hakurou recover, there are a lot of monsters he could not save, two of which were none other than Gobzo and Shion, who both died protecting someone. And it is clear how much their deaths has affected everyone. For the first time, we see the usual silly Gobta breakdown in tears while Rimuru’s rage resurfaces in greater force. Fortunately, his transformation as a slime, combined with his replication of Shizu’s mask, has sealed his emotions, though his fury remains.

Thankfully, hope is kindled in the form of a story told by Eren(no, not that Eren) which tells of a certain demon lord who ascended into her present form after offering the souls of those she had slain. And it is interesting to see Rimuru throwing reluctance and hesitation away to fulfill that quota, setting the stage for another pivotal shift in his character development.

With a war now looming ahead, things are starting t get serious. This episode shows how humans can be more vile than monsters, and what price Rimuru would willingly pay to avenge his friends. And hopefully revive them.

Episode score: 8.5/10.

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