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And thus, Krusty’s flashback draws to a close!

Episode 7 continues where we last saw D.D.D.’s guild master; fighting toe-to-toe against a brainwashed Elias while under a curse. But as it turns, there is something more to this handicap, and we finally learn that Krusty was initially offered by a Genius to become its vessel, only for the Krusty refuse, which resulted in his present situation.

But while it is technically a curse, Krusty found a clever loophole, and we see him finally break free to attack the cause of this mess he and Kanami’s party has found themselves in: Youren, who is another Genius. Incidentally, Krusty needed to give up his memories to nullify the curse, and it is at this moment that we are finally given his backstory, which is indeed sad and makes you understand his character much better.

Meanwhile, Elias has his own demons to face. And there is no one better to help him than one of his most avid fan, Leonardo. In a heartwarming but epic fight between these two, Elias finally realizes that his curse—which prevents him from reducing an opponent’s HP to zero—stems from his own vow to never take a life. This makes it not really a curse, but a trait that makes him who he is.

In the end, everyone grasps the victory they seek. And with Youren’s defeat, our heroes prepare for their next mission: take the fight to the Geniuses’ base on the moon. This episode gives us epic fight scenes and some much needed backstory for several key characters, as well as shows their growth and development. Some mysteries have also been answered, those questions still remain.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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