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Tragedy befalls the nation of monsters!

Episode 7 continues where there previous one left off. And just as expected, Rimuru survived, but just barely. While his Gluttony skill allowed him to be a terrifying amalgamation of monsters with unparalleled strength and speed, Hinata’s Disintegration skill is still far stronger. Thankfully, Rimuru is cunning, and the one who fought in his stead turned out to be a doppelgänger. Our dear slime survived another tough opponent, but this is just the beginning of worse things to come as he finally returns to his nation, only to find a part of it in ruins.

The fact that both Youm and Grucius protect Myulan from a furious Benimaru is a bittersweet and sad moment. All throughout the episodes so far, we see these rivals grow feelings for the same woman, to the point that they will lay down their lives for her despite their friendship with the others. Of course, Myulan is just a victim as well, so their actions are justified. But Benimaru is blinded by rage, and if not for Rimuru’s timely arrival, things would have turn for the worse.

Still, that sad scene is nothing compared to the moment when Rimuru finally discovers just how much death and destruction the knights of Falmuth has caused. It is not enough that they have wreak havoc upon the city; many also lay dead, and all because the monsters were so loyal to Rimuru that one of his rules that prohibited them from attacking humans was obeyed to the letter, which eventually backfired on them. Thus, Rimuru’s guilt is pretty evident, and we see his fury and self-loathing surface for a moment, giving us a glimpse of what he would be like without his morals.

Overall, episode 7 gave us a mix of emotions. Sadness, despair, rage. The plot is starting to get darker with every new episode, and we haven’t seen all the casualties yet. Interestingly enough, this tragedy sets up quite a few plot threads, and prepares Rimuru for a major character development.

Episode score: 8/10.

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