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Kumoko is in danger… Again!

Episode 8 brings our dear little spider to her most dangerous situation yet as she faces not just her anger at an unseen god, but against a high level dragon as well. And unlike before, this is one encounter she may not survive, as we see her using everything in her arsenal—including her new persona who focuses on magic—only to be countered time and again, which ultimately led to a massive cliffhanger about her fate.

Meanwhile, Shun’s duel with Natsume has remained secret due to political reasons, though their conflict sent a rush of memories to our dueteragonist. And it is here that we finally get to see the real faces of the reincarnations, most of whom looked exactly the same as their new world counterparts, as well as what their lives were like before their deaths. One interesting moment in this particular flashback is how Shun saved Wakaba from being bullied, a typical act for our Hero candidate.

Back to the present, Shun’s memories triggered his desire to know the current situation of his displaced classmates; information that Oka tried to hide, but to no avail. In the end, the average and bubbly teacher-turned-beautiful elf told Shun and his classmates about the students’ fates, most of whom are alive and well, except for three others who died… including Wakaba herself.

With that shocking twist comes a revelation: Kumoko’s point of view is set in the past and tells of her unfortunate demise. However, nothing is concrete yet. And we may just be witnessing an earlier part of our beloved spider’s adventures. Hopefully, anyway.

Overall, episode 8 is once again an action-packed episode combined with mysteries and some much needed flashback for several characters. The plot takes another unexpected twist, and it should be interesting how this development plays out in the future.

Episode score: 8/10.

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