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How do you make a flashback episode interesting? It’s simple: turn the events into a puppet show!

Episode 6 shows us the events that has transpired during the time that Krusty was absent all the way to his encounter with Kanami’s party. And it is every bit as interesting as Shiroe’s adventures.

For one, the de facto leader of the old Round Table finds himself in the Chinese server, which in itself is a very different world. The monsters, the environments, even the NPCs. Fortunately, his life has relatively been easy as the Enchantress Youren takes him under his care, though it is clear that the mysterious Lander has a shady, and perhaps even sinister, motives.

Unfortunately, Krusty is without problems. A curse prevents him from recovery his HP by any means, placing him in a very difficult situation when a brainwashed Elias Hackblade hunts him down under the secret orders of Youren. However, this is Krusty, a maxed-out level Guardian with years of experience in the game of Elder Tale. And it shows in his quick-thinking and strategy against Elias.

The interesting part about this episode though is not just Krusty, his remaining memories which so happen to involve both Raynesha and Misa, or the fact that he told his subordinates to perform a puppet show to tell his story. Rather, it is Elias who adds flavor into the story as a subplot involving his awakening, and his trauma at facing the enigmatic Genius. It is no surprise then that he wants more power, urged even more by Youren’s deceit.

Overall, episode 6 is both fun and serious. The comedy is hilarious, and the fight scenes are good. As we enter a new arc, more mysteries surrounding the world of Elder Tale has sprouted, and it should be interesting to see where the story will lead us.

Episode score: 8/10.

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