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Things are starting to heat up!

Episode 7 sheds some light about the world that Kumoko and the other reincarnations has found themselves reborn, and it is clear that not everything is as it seems. While the world behaves like a game, Kumoko begins to realize that it may be in fact being overseen by a higher power, evident  when her complains created a new skill entirely.

This begs the question: are they really reborn in a fantasy world with game-like elements or are they inside a game itself?

Meanwhile, Shun and Natsume finally come into blows as the latter’s envy and arrogance consumes him. What should have been a normal outdoor class activity nearly turns into a massacre orchestrated by Natsume, and we have one of the best fight scenes in the series so far. Natsume is a true powerhouse with skills surpassing even Kumoko, so Shun’s fear is pretty much justified despite killing an earth dragon.

Thus, it is no surprise that Shun is nearly killed in their duel. But what is so shocking is the arrival of Oka, the reincarnations’ teacher, who easily defeats Natsume and displays her ability to affect the status and skills of anyone, stripping Natsume of everything that makes him strong.

The incident only proves Oka’s statement about the use of skills being dangerous, though it is clear that even in the old world, Natsume’s attitude remains the same. Naturally, he will not back down without getting payback for his humiliation, resulting in a deal with a mysterious character who claims to be another reincarnated.

Overall, episode 7 is packed full of mystery and action, and partially lifts the veil of secrecy surrounding some of the characters while setting up the stage for a great twist in the plot.

Episode score: 8/10.

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