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The Great Rimuru is in trouble!

Episode 6 packs a lot of action as our favorite slime comes face to face against his toughest opponent yet: Hinata Sakaguchi, Shizu’s former student. And it is clear that Shizu has taught her well, for we see Rimuru being driven back from the get-go during her relentless assault.

The thing is, Hinata is a very interesting character right at the moment she first appeared. There is this cold attitude surrounding her that not even Rimuru’s initial friendly approach could break. Of course, she considers Rimuru as the one who killed Shizu, so her behavior is natural. But she has this presence that is vastly different from all the other antagonists the series have shown.

Moreover, the fact that she single-handedly forced Rimuru to use his trump card, Gluttony, speaks much about how badass she is, which makes for an epic showdown and literal fight to the death. Still, this is Rimuru we are talking about, the slime that founded a nation of monsters from a single goblin village. There is no reason for him to lose.

While Rimuru and Hinata are duking it out at each other, things are grimmer for the citizens of Rimuru city as the knights of Falmuth joins the fray. It is truly shocking to see some of the most powerful characters in the series being defeated one by one, and the situation is looking worse with every second. But that just proves how elaborate the trap is, aided by a mysterious spy who also know Rimuru’s origins.

Overall, episode 6 provides us with Rimuru’s first battle for this scene. But while it is epic and engaging as always, this is obviously just an appetizer setting up even better moments and battles.

Episode score: 8/10.

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