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And we have a winner!

Episode 5 brings the election to an end. And while the competition is tight but favors Eins, our Villain-in-Glasses once again turns the odds into his favor, tipping the win into Raynesha’s victory after gathering more voters from the city of Susukino itself.

The interesting part about this election is how different the candidates are in tackling Akiba’s problems. While both are idealistic in their own way, Eins focused less on the specifics and instead uses inspirational words to give hope to the People of the Land and Adventurers living in Akiba. There are no long-term concrete plans, and Eins simply wishes for a change toward a brighter future.

On the other hand, Raynesha goes beyond Akiba in her vision of uniting the Landers and Adventurers; she includes the rest of Yamato, and it is evident when the citizens of Susukino participates in Akiba’s election. Furthermore, the fact that the reformed Round Table now consists of Landers as well—the sage Regan and Kinjo of the Kunie Tribe—solidifies the role Landers would play in the management of Akiba.

Thus, it is no surprise that Eins declared defeat without knowing the actual results of the voting, granting Raynesha the win. However, while they have differing views on how to improve Akiba, they both still share one goal: to give a better life for everyone.

With Raynesha’s victory, Eins no longer has any purpose in Akiba. But that didn’t mean his job is over as he joins Touri in Westelande where he could help more people. And despite his loss, there are still those who believe he has won simply because of his kind nature and how he thought of the people first before himself. Isaac, in particular, personally congratulates Eins. And even Shiro sends several valuable parting gifts to help Eins in his future endeavors.

Overall, episode 5 is sweet and heartwarming. Eins’s character shines here the most, but Raynesha deserves credit as well. And more importantly, the Villain-in-Glasses strikes again!

Episode score: 8/10.

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