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Yet another evolution for our favorite badass spider! And this time, Kumoko is stronger and deadlier.

Episode 6 continues Kumoko’s adventures through the lava portion of the cavern. And unlike the previous episode, she has learned her lessons. She utilizes more tactics against her enemies in her quest for more delicious meal, and it is incredibly satisfying to watch her defeat them in various creative ways.

With those victories comes another evolved form: the Zoa Ele. And what an evolution it is! Kumoko is terrifying with her blade-like legs, and the shell on her back makes her look fearsome and heavily defended. But more importantly, she has acquired some interesting skills, one of which lets her have two consciousness at the same time to handle information processing and movement independently.

Incidentally, Kumoko isn’t the only focus in this episode. For the first time, we finally see the Shun’s brother, the famous Hero Julius. And just like Shun has often said, Julius is really strong and courageous as he and his party faces off against Greater Taratects and the Nightmare Visage. He is skilled in both sword and holy magic, and it is obvious that his party members admire him.

However, that doesn’t mean he is an all-powerful individual as we see him and his party struggle against the ferocious spiders. And as it turns out, a new character is controlling these monsters: the dreaded, but beautiful, Demon Lord. What her motives are, however, remains to be seen at this point.

Overall, episode 6 focuses on two characters once more, showing both their strength and weaknesses. And with the introduction of a third party, the story has just become much more interesting. And it should be exciting to see how their fates would intertwine together.

Episode score: 8/10.

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