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The first blow has struck!

Things are starting to escalate as the Jura Tempest Federation faces its biggest challenge yet. The kingdom of Falmuth has began its attack by sending the Otherwolders on an infiltration mission to provoke the monsters. And the unlucky victim? It’s none other than Gobzo, our innocent and dull-looking goblin rider.

The scene is both funny and nerve-wracking as, while Gobzo’s crush for Shion is revealed in a hilarious way by Gobta, Kirara chose to accuse Gobzo of touching her. Fortunately, the goblins are well-disciplined, and Gobta apologized even though he saw what really happened. It’s a testament not only to his friendship with Gobzo, but also to Rimuru’s orders not to harm humans.

Naturally, the monsters value diplomacy first above all else. And so Shuna and Shion’s presence shines here as they face off against the provokers. The ogre princess’s calm demeanor and disposition serves to partially diffuse the escalating scene, though it is clear that Kirara and the others will not back down.

While this is happening, Myulan’s real identity is finally revealed to both Youm and Grucius. However, it seems the majin has truly fallen in love with the human Champion, while friendzoning poor Grucius, and Youm reciprocates her feelings as well. Unfortunately, Myulan knows that Clayman’s power is absolute, and instead of letting Youm die, she regretfully fulfills her mission.

The resulting anti-magic barrier kicks off the war at last, and without Rimuru, the situation looks grim for everyone in the city as the Otherworlders prepare to unleash their full power. Shion, particular, is at a disadvantage. And we might just see a few casualties until Rimuru’s return.

Overall, episode 5 builds up the tension from the last one while setting the stage for a larger conflict. The scenes are well executed and full of emotions, and you can feel the suspense as our heroes begin to fall into Falmuth’s clever trap.

Episode score: 8/10.

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