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Another evolution, another floor of insanely powerful enemies and dangerous terrain.

Episode 5 continues where the previous one left off, and we see our dear Kumoko taking on the challenge of a lava-filled area. Everything is literally hot and burning, so most of the little spider’s abilities are susceptible to fire. But thanks to her new evolved form, Kumoko is faster and stronger with a repertoire of new skills to overcome the obstacles—some of which hints at her ever growing power and the path it would lead her.

Meanwhile, we finally get to see Shun and the gang again. And this time, another monster has also evolved: Fei. She is now bigger, though no less cuter, and it looks like she has gotten stronger as well. Unfortunately, that strength comes with a drawback as one of her reincarnated classmates, Yuri, is obsessed with killing anyone with the Taboo skill; a skill that Fei acquired after killing the earth dragon.

Shun has become more popular as well due to his achievement in killing the earth dragon back in episode 3. However, at least one person is not happy with the attention that Shun is receiving, and it should be interesting to see whee this budding rivalry will end up.

Overall, episode 5 doesn’t progress the story much. Instead, it focuses once again on Kumoko’s struggles while giving us a brief look at the lives of the other reincarnators with just enough tease of how the plot will go from here.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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