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In the previous episode, the situation in Akiba worsens as Eins joined the Westelande Empire and became a duke, gaining power that rivaled the Round Table. Meanwhile, Raynesha’s impending marriage with the Saiguu family loomed closer, further complicating things. Fortunately, Eins seemed willing to negotiate together with a new character.

Episode 3 continues where the last scene ended with Shiroe meeting Eins secretly. But unlike their previous encounters, Eins is willing to work together with Shiroe given his intelligence and cunning. This is evident when Eins confesses that he could only act as a sort of figurehead for the public; a weakness that he accepts. Thus, Shiroe is vital to his goal of making things better, and we see that they are really on the same side from the start.

The introduction of the leader of the Westelande Empire itself, Touri, further solidifies Eins’ intent to cooperate. Unlike what many assumed, Touri is a gentle and compassionate leader who simply wishes to unite the east and west. Hence, the marriage with Raynesha. However, like Eins, Touri is also just a figurehead. And all power is concentrated on the Senate. Further complicating things is the fact that Intix and the Senate share the same desire for conquest.

The problem with Eins’ request is the disbandment of the Round Table in favor of the Akiba Government, which would destabilize everything Shiroe and his friends has built over the last year. Fortunately, Raynesha’s arrival breaks the rising tension and declares her wish to stay in Akiba.

It is interesting to see the princess taking a more proactive role this time instead of just being a mascot, thanks in part to Krusty’s indirect help. She even wears the Round Table uniform, emphasizing her stance on the current power play in Akiba. Moreover, Raynesha begins to display a significant character development just by her act of defiance, placing herself as an active participant this time.

Overall, Episode 3 is a battle of politics with many pieces advancing on the board. And with Shiroe accepting Raynesha’s wish to keep the Round Table, things would start to heat up as an election to decide Akiba’s fate is on the way.

Episode score: 8/10.

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