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Last week, we saw Rimuru and the gang acquired new allies as the Jura Tempest Federation struck a trade deal with Carillon and Eurazania. But with the nation of monsters growing in power, Clayman finally made his move and ordered his subordinate, Myulan, to mobilize against Rimuru.

Episode 3 continues Rimuru’s quest to strengthen the relationship between his nation and the other countries. His visit with Gazel, king of Dwargon, proves fruitful as they solidify the bond of their nations. But more than that, we see a side of the hardened king that we’ve never seen before: a king who treats Rimuru as a little brother. His advices on Rimuru’s speech, particularly, serves to improve our dear slime’s social skills, especially when facing a great crowd.

Rimuru and his subordinates’ night escapades with the pretty elves is pretty much what you would expect: a fun and cute party between friends. Naturally, this caught the ire of both Shuna and Shion, and we have another hilarious scene as the two ogre girls express their displeasure at seeing Rimuru pay attention to other women other than them.

Overall, Episode 3 has a lighthearted that explores Rimuru’s interactions with other characters. Incidentally, the final moments hint at a looming threat as Myulan infiltrates Youm’s party, and it should be interesting how Rimuru and his friends deal with this new danger.

Definitely a solid 7.5/10.

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