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How can a lone spider win against an army of monkeys?

Episode 4 perfectly answers that question as Kumoko faces her most deadliest foes yet. After encountering danger after danger last week, it seems our dear spider can’t catch a break. Thus, it’s only right that this episode solely focus on her; a first so far for the series.

What makes this a really interesting episode is how outmatched and outclassed Kumoko is in every aspect: from her small size to her too small mana pool. This is even made worse by the way the monsters have bigger predators than themselves, proving the universal rule that there are always bigger fishes out there.

But that didn’t stop Kumoko, and we see just how far she would go in order to survive despite the impossible odds stack against her. But unlike most isekai protagonist who always win due to the cliché power of friendship trope or the deus ex machina last-minute powerup, Kumoko subverts expectations by literally using everything in her arsenal: webs, terrain, and more importantly, her wits.

We are then treated to an amazing battle between one lone spider and a horde of bloodthirsty monkeys. And the fight is simply spectacular despite the excessive use of CGI. Once again, Kumoko’s ingenuity shines here, and though she suffers injury after injury, her will to survive is extremely admirable. Gone is the cowardly spider whose rule is to run if the odds are impossible. Now we have a tenacious eight-legged cutie who refuses to give up no matter how grave her injuries are, and it is satisfying to watch her literally getting stronger the more enemy she kills, which ultimately leads to a victory.

But of course, Kumoko’s luck is always bad. And the final scene implies an even more dangerous situation for our beloved spider.

Overall, this episode gives the spotlight solely on Kumoko, and for good reason. This is where we finally see her growing past her hesitations and fears, something that finally develops her character. The fight is extremely good, showcasing her quick-thinking and on-the-spot adaptability to constantly shifting situations. We can only assume just how far she can grow, both as a fighter and a character, and it should be an exciting progress in the story.

Episode score 8.5/10.

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