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Last week’s episode sets off a series of events that would change the fate of Akiba. With Krusty still missing and Eins following his own path, Shiroe and the rest of the Round Table faced problems one after another, especially with Eins being appointed as a Duke of Akiba.

Episode 2 continues the ramifications of Ein’s new position. With a duke overseeing the city, Landers are more optimistic about their lives. However, this comes at a price; as Rudy has explained, the Landers initially looked toward the Adventurers for security, which allows them the benefit of trade. But with the duke’s protection, traders might no longer be willing to work with the Adventurers of Akiba.

This presents a problem, of course, as the Adventurers need the resources to build the technology to contact the Alvs in the moon. Moreover, Raynesha’s impending marriage with the head of Westelande’s Seiguu family means an alliance between Eastal and Westelande, placing Akiba in a really tight spot.

The brief history of Yamato told by ReGan served to explain the long-standing rivalry between the two sides. And with the current developments, Akiba might be forced to pick one ally over the other soon; in fact, it has already began as Black Swords guild, led by Isaac, already swore their loyalty to Serijad Cowen. It didn’t help that Indictus of Plant Hwyaden is preparing to move against Akiba, which makes the situation even more precarious.

Thus, Eins’s request to found the Akiba Government is justified. He didn’t really want power; rather, the Round Table is unfit to make the hard decisions, being an autonomous entity. So Eins’s decision is warranted. Just how much this would affect the status quo remains to be seen, though the final scene hints at a possible negotiation between Shiroe and Eins.

Overall, Episode 2 is full of politics and intrigues. The tension is high which makes for an interesting story, and the various worldbuilding simply adds to the flavor.

Definitely an 8/10.

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