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Last week’s episode revealed the backstory for our beloved spider, Kumoko. As a typical trope in most isekai stories, she was a bullied student who only wished to be left alone, never having friends and any social life. Thus, when she was reincarnated, Kumoko vowed to strive harder and survive, ultimately evolving to her second form.

Episode 3 then shows the effects of her evolution. And while visually unchanged, it is clear that she is much stronger and faster in her evolved form, with more skills at her disposal. However, that is still not enough to evade most threats, and our dear Kumoko is once again webbed(pun really intended) into danger after danger.

What sets this episode a bit different from the last two is the switch in focus. Shun and the other reincarnators get the spotlight this time in a cool fight scene, and one that showcases each of their personalities. Shun is your typical heroic MC who wants to keep his friends safe, Sue is an overly-obsessed little sister, Fei is the ever-loyal pet companion, and Natsume is an arrogant show-off with a penchant for using fire magic.

The fight with the earth dragon is really cool, and it perfectly shows why Shun is a candidate for the next Hero. His swordsmanship is amazing, and his ability to wield both light and water magic makes him a deadly fighter. However, it is the aftermath of the battle that paints a grim picture over their victory; Fei, after biting through the earth dragon, receives the Kin-Eater skill, implying that the dragon they just killed is of the same lineage as her. This makes Shun nearly vomit in disgust, while a depressed Fei hangs her head in shame.

The stark contrast but eerie similarity with Kumoko’s situation is clear enough. Both did it to survive, but Kumoko was less concerned about her actions and barely paid mind to what she did aside from the taste. On the other hand, Shun and Fei were clearly disturbed, and it should be interesting to see how this event would change them.

Overall, episode 3 is a breath of fresh air. While Kumoko received less attention this time, it is still nice to see other characters being given the spotlight. The fight scene is great, and the moral themes presented here lends a nice flavor to the plot as a whole.

Definitely an 8/10.

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