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The Villain-in-Glasses returns for another season! And this time, the fate of Akiba is beginning to look grim.


Season 2 Recap

In season two’s finale, we finally had an insight on how the Apocalypse/Catastrophe happened with the introduction of the Travelers, a non-corporeal race who scours the universe for energy. The very stability of Akiba is also threatened with Westelande’s hostility, and the Round Table is beginning to break from the inside. But on a hopeful note, Shiroe has finally contacted his friend and former leader, Kaname, and discovers that the missing Krusty has survived and is currently with her.

***End of Recap***



Log Horizon season 3’s episode 1 continues one year after the Apocalypse. Akiba is in a time of relative peace, but one that is mired by the power vacuum due to Krusty’s absence. We see the entire council starting to break as Eins, leader of Honesty guild, begins to question the life that the Round Table has built.

Frankly, we’ve all seen this from a mile away, as Eins often opposed whatever the council decides. However, that doesn’t make him bad; Eins is the sort of leader that simply wants what’s best for his people, particularly the low-level players who still could not accept that they are trapped in Theldesia. But this also makes him a dangerous opponent, and we see how far he would go at the very end of the episode.

Interspersed with this political battle is Raynesha’s own struggle, who remains a figurehead and receives the news of her impending marriage. With Krusty missing, there is no one to watch over her, and it is evident in this episode that she misses the leader of D.D.D. Thankfully, Akatsuki is there to listen to her troubles, and we have a cute moment between two girls who fell in love with two men-in-glasses.

The appearance of our beloved characters is indeed the most exciting part, though the episode is far too short for everyone to have a spotlight. Tetra is a show-stealer as always, and seeing Akatsuki hanging out with Shiroe is fun to watch. Fan favorite characters like Nyanta and Marielle simply added more flavor to this episode, and Henrietta’s antics around Akatsuki is hilarious as usual.



As far as animation goes, Studio Deen has improved the art style by a huge margin. The character movements look more fluid, and the overall aesthetic is crisper. None of the designs look stiff, and the color shading fits the atmosphere of a fun and action-packed show.



For the first time, Database by MAN WITH A MISSION is no longer the opening theme of the new season. Instead, we have a brand new one in the form of Different by the group Band-Maid. And while the opening credits retained the same upbeat vibe of the first two seasons, Different has a similar but altogether different feel compared to Database. Many might not agree that it is not as epic as the song everyone has come to love, but the overall hype is still there.

Meanwhile, there is another new ending song: Blue Horizon sung by Miyu Oshiro. And once again, our dear Akatsuki is the main focus.



To sum it up, Log Horizon’s season 3 is off to a good start. We have some plot threads already introduced right from the get-go, and that explosive ending would surely have repercussions down the road. There may be no fight scenes here, and the entire episode is all about setting up the arc, but it is still an enjoyable first episode of a new season.

Definitely an 8/10.

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