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Welcome back to another I’m A Spider, So What? review! The first episode gave us a blast right from the very beginning with a cute and fun, albeit unusual, character in the eight-legged form of Spider-chan(or Kumoko as she is unofficially known).

Episode 2 showed us a brief backstory for her this time, and it is entirely identical to most backstories of the main characters in any isekai genre. Kumoko, formerly known as Wakaba, was your usual shy and reserved girl at school. She was often bullied, and the interesting part was the fact that it was Shinohara, now the monster Fei-chan, who always antagonized her.

But that was all in the past, as we learned that Shinohara truly feels remorse over what she did to Wakaba. And it will be really interesting to see how these two would react when they discover that both of them got the shorter end of the sticks and were reborn as monsters.

Speaking of being reborn, Shunosuke got a brief spotlight as well. And like Wakaba, he is not too different from all male isekai protagonist. He has an older brother who is his role model, a little sister who seems too clingy than what is normal, and a dream that many isekai protagonist aspires to be—a hero.

But of course, Shunosuke is not the protagonist; Kumoko is. And this episode perfectly showed why. It’s not just her usual witty remarks and funny antics, it is also her attitude toward her new life as a spider. She is more determined to survive and grow, more focused on her goals. And the funny part about her is her creativity not just in combat, but in other things like building a house. Built from webs.

Innovative, isn’t she?

Overall, episode two slowly builds up several characters during its runtime, though the focus is naturally on Kumoko. Once again, it is a fun and hilarious episode with a cool fight scene and a brief insight on who the characters are. It does, unfortunately, ends with a cliffhanger. One that hopefully makes the wait for another week worth it.

Definitely an 8.5/10.

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