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Our adorable slime is back! And this time, he’s ready to make even more friends, and possibly enemies as well.

Episode 1 continues where the previous season left off. Rimuru is still teaching Shizu’s students at the academy, and we can tell that they have grown fond of their teacher as they really never wanted him to leave(even though two of them said otherwise).

Rimuru’s departure is necessary. As leader of the Jura Federation, his presence in the nation is important; delegations from Demon Lord Carillon’s territory is expected to arrive, and everything needed to be in perfect order: from the delicacies the Jura nation offers to the reception hall and the staffs who would serve them.

Naturally, this also means that Rimuru himself must be presentable, and we get another dress-up Rimuru scene thanks to Shion and Shuna. We can pretty much say that Rimuru looks good in those clothes, though none of them are appropriate for the occasion.

With Benimaru and his team being sent to Eurazania as delegates, Rimuru is left with his remaining allies to greet Carillon’s people: Albis, Suphia, and Grucius. However, the initial meeting didn’t go well, and we are given our first fight scene of the season. Rimuru’s subordinates prove their capabilities once more, though the episode ended in a bit of a cliffhanger as the two sides clash.

Overall, the pilot of season 2 is a good start to kick off the much-awaited sequel of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. It didn’t offer much in terms of story progression, but the brief and fun fight scene, as well as seeing our dear characters again, is more than enough to satisfy our cravings.

A solid 8/10.

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