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This is a surprisingly good episode, and that is probably thanks to the one week delay. The pacing is good, and most of the scenes were faithful to the light novel except for two which were altered and completely removed. The animation has improved, which is a plus.

I honestly thought that the introduction of Xunyu would not be included since it is pretty violent in the novel, so I was really surprised when they animated it almost on point. Of course, the final part of “his” scene was heavily censored. But that is something I found necessary due to its gory nature.

The only altered scene in here is the mild fanservice part with Nemesis taking a bath while she and Ray discussed their newly acquired items from the battle with Gouz-Maise. In the novel, the bath scene did not happen. Instead, it was a scene where Ray tested out his new equipment. Personally, I prefer the anime version since it explained the same thing as the novel scene anyway. And the mild fanservice is actually okay.

The skipped scene in this episode was pretty minor, though it did show more of Ray’s character and personality. In the novel, he met some of the dead children’s parents when he accepted the reward from the guild, who thanked him for avenging their kids. It also showed his doubts about his own strength, which urged Nemesis to encourage him to be stronger.

Overall, this is a good episode. An 8/10 for me.


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