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Only one word could describe this episode: EPIC.

Everything is just so perfect here. The pacing, the voice acting, the cinematography and screenplay, even the lines. AND THE ANIMATION QUALITY. Cloverwords outdid themselves AGAIN.

There are so many highlights in this episode: that brief but sweet and heartwarming scene between Gilgamesh and Kingu. Here we see more of the king’s gentle nature and soft spot for his precious friend, even though it is Kingu inside Enkidu’s body. Then there was Gil’s speech in front of his people which is easily one of the greatest speeches in anime.

Benkei has shown up one last time to fight, and his scenes gave me chills! Though his Noble Phantasm was not shown, his battle to the death with Dark Ushi was one of the best in this series.

And Quetzalcoatl! The budget was obviously spent on her unleashing not one, not two, BUT THREE NOBLE PHANTASMS! Her scenes blew everything that any other Fate series has shown so far. Yes, even the Leonidas and Ushi vs Gorgon.

And speaking of the snake goddess, SHE HAS ARRIVED TO JOIN THE FRAY.

THIS IS A PERFECT EPISODE. Definitely a 10/10 for me.

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