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Synopsis: For twelve years I trained in secret with a precursor android who taught me the secrets of the universe, and the truth about our world’s history. Only he and I know that I’m the guardian of Earth, and that I’m destined to protect our planet from alien invasions.

Now, a new threat is upon us, an attack is coming, a species that believes themselves superior and annihilates those who they think are below them.

Armed with a weapon and armor that were built thousands of years ago, I’m preparing to save a world ignorant of what’s coming, but can one human and his old as Earth android mentor stop an entire fleet of aliens?

The plot is pretty straightforward, and everything boils down to the protagonist defeating the big bad aliens invading Earth. The first half is mostly about John reminiscing about his life and planning out contigencencies for the invasion, which is quite interesting since this is where most of the worldbuilding takes place—his powers, his training, even the history of the Guardians.

The characters are quite limited. But being the first book in a series, it didn’t really bother me. John, while sometimes annoying, is okay. His love interest barely made an impact on the plot. I found John’s mentor a little more interesting even though his character was not fully fleshed out.

The narrative is excellent, and I didn’t find the story boring. Fight scenes are good, pacing is okay, and the worldbuilding is interesting.

I only have two things which I disliked: first, some of the twists lack proper buildup, making them look like they just appeared out of nowhere without some context. Second, the ending felt anti-climactic. For a book titled Invasion, I had expected a grand battle between the protagonist and his enemies. Instead, we got what the book gave us.

But despite those flaws, this is an excellent sci-fi read.

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