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Schemes and plots abound in this episode as we draw closer to the conclusion!

Episode 12 is filled with things to unpack. First, Armin visits a crystallized Annie once again. And try as he might, he could not hide his not-so-secret crush, something that Hitch obviously noticed. Still, Armin’s motive to glean information from Annie is very much sincere given a Titan Shifter’s ability to see memories from other Shifters by touching them.

Meanwhile, the Survey Corps is facing the anger of the very people they have sworn to protect as Eren remains in prison, whom the populace view as the island nation’s savior. This rising tension places even more pressure to Hange, who is beset on every side by oppositions in her policy and conflicting opinions about her capabilities.

Adding to this is the sudden demise of Commander Zachary, long-time head of all three military branches. And the culprits are none other than Eren’s own followers, now named the Yeagerists for their zealous loyalty to the wielder of the Founding Titan. One interesting thing to note here is that when Eren escaped and regrouped with Floch and the others, his presence is no longer that of a brash and impulsive soldier; instead, he now has the demeanor of a calm and calculative leader akin to Lelouch vi Britannia of Code Geass fame, which speaks volumes about Eren’s growth in a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, Pixis has officially replaced Zachary as leader. And with chaos beginning to erupt in the city, Kiyomi of the Azumabito clan is left with no choice but to distance herself from the political drama. Once again, Kiyomi tries to convince Mikasa into returning to her homeland. However, the strongest female Ackermann’s heart solely lies on Paradis, and there is nothing Kiyomi could do to change her mind.

Events are now set in motion. And as the momentum picks up, our heroes draw nearer to an epic showdown with their enemies both within and without. No one can be trusted, especially those who were once considered friends and allies.

Overall, episode 12 is riddled with twists and revelations. And with only 4 episodes left in this season, we should expect the story to progress in a way we have not guessed.

If you are not a manga reader, that is.

Episode score: 9/10.

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