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This is a really, really good episode. We finally get to see the best girl of the Babylonia singularity, an excellent animation quality, and the best grandpa and buster assassin(in-game).

Obviously, there are two highlights in this episode: the fight scene and Ereshkigal herself. The fight scene is simply marvelous! Though not as epic as the Ushiwakamaru and Leonidas vs Gorgon battle, the one in this episode is one of the best. It is well-choreographed as always, and the sound effects are top notched like all the previous battles.

Ereshkigal’s portrayal is pretty spot on, especially her dialogues and personality. Her sweet mannerisms, her behavior that was so like Ishtar yet so different at the same time is perfect. Some of her funny lines were removed in favor of keeping the tone serious and melodramatic, like how she literally wanted a sun right in the Underworld. Personally, I wish they could have kept that. But what they did here was not bad and even better.

Overall, an 8.5/10 for me.

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